Attaining Work Life Balance

I am just wondered if the work / life balance is possible? Does it look like a balance between working life is just one thing we need to achieve? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, you are not alone. Defining the balance of life is a mental and physical effort as the same work and effort that you spent for the rest of your life. It is a balanced relationship between time spent on work and activities related to work and time spent in structuring your lifestyle, like friends, family and leisure tasks. Why is that so important?

What we have to be as part of the phenomenon that exists in a much broader context. The world is always present at work, the challenges of work / life balance are global, thus it is natural to experience such.

If a person is able to a maintain balance between their personal and work life, it remains a phenomenon called “work life balance” This sentence is worth much because it is very important to have a balance between private and work life. Life balance is the avant-garde of the working world. Kaizen is an American philosophy of continuous improvement and the role of information technology support (IT) and guide managers to get maximum results with the help of available scare resources,


The balance between personal and work life varies from person to person and also depends on the organization the person is working for. If a person does not keep the balance between her work and personal life, and continues to works vigorously in the organizational context, it can cause psychological complications to the person, such as medical, mental and behavioral disorders, Hence, the individuals long-term productivity in the organization will be low. Studies have shown that work-life stress is dangerous to employees psychological wellbeing. Holiday works and overtime can lead to personal and work life imbalance, However, there are some techniques to manage stress in the workplace to enhance proper work life balance, for example, time management, task management, relaxation, flexible working, work at home, shifting job system and exercise, etc. Work life balance improves workers health, satisfies the workers intrinsic desires, work satisfaction, commitment, participation and reduce absenteeism and presentism (as a physical presence, but not productive). Despite the progress in the global work life balance movement, there are still more to be done to achieve the long term stability of the system.


An important factor is the extent to which conciliation is applied to the work life balance generally applicable throughout the organization’s hierarchy. Low rank workers at the base of the organisational hierarchy are sometimes not entitled to certain services and benefit applicable to top level managers or are not informed of the relevant company policy. A proper work life balance can help both employers and employees on the long run, to achieve healthy lifestyle and increase their productivity at work.

What is so great to have a job and a private life? There is some positive break between working hours.


I think they are more productive and efficient in the long run. Taking time off work can relax the mind and body as mentioned above. It will focus more if needed – during working hours.


It can also improve your whole lifestyle and your relationships with other people. Try to get close to family and friends, new things and enjoy your free time, feel comfortable and improve your mental state. These authorities generally makes you feel better about yourselves and therefore to improve the way you work and improve your careers.


How to accomplish a work life balance


Well, we are committed to a definition, importance and benefits of the concept. How can we put it into practice? I have quoted some points under which I have tried to use some of those who said:

Leave the job at work – it can be tempting to leave the office and take the work home. Getting those few extra things done at workplace seem hard to work on, thus you consider taking it home to work on it, then starts a new work piece entirely the next day. This may seem like a good idea – and it is something that can be good, but must be done moderately. If you like working at home continuously, you cannot draw a line between work and private life. It going to develop a psychological trauma for you, on a long term.


Put your strengths but set a limit – sometimes you cannot avoid it – work must be done at a certain time or something should be done as quickly as possible. This is quite common in the computer world. But in the long run, there must be a balance. Maybe you really should work for several months. After that, maybe a little slow. The purpose is high volume or peak periods of work to balance with peak hours. (For example, financial companies at the end of the year have a lot of work to be done) If you work in a company or an industry that has a great time, you can rotate around them if necessary.


Taking a Break – One of the best way to achieve a balance in your work life shed, is to take a vacation. It should not be extravagant – you can take it anywhere for a few days for a ride somewhere on the weekend, or if you want to take a few weeks to travel abroad. The goal is to go to work and be well physically and mentally. This is a great way to give more balance in your work life.


Make a change in your lifestyle – Things have to change sometimes, just to get more balance. If you travel by car to work, you may have options for public transportation. You can go jogging in the morning before work. You can decide to go out to eat once a week in a restaurant, it’s another way to add a little variety in life and feels fresh, thus achieve a long-term work life balance.

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