Food Pyramid

The recommended food pyramid is to establish a simple guide to healthy eating lifestyle. Food pyramid was founded in the 1960s in response to the world massive increase in heart disease, and to help people stay healthy. There are several aspects of the food pyramid, which helps you analyze what you eat and what you do not need in your diet composition or what you need to change in your diet composition in order to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Many dietary intake have been formulated few years back to help people understand the benefit of healthy dietary lifestyle. Food pyramid has been developed as a dietary guideline, for example, suggesting an optimal daily dose of food intake. It is divided into components in color or “font”, a component that includes the top five food groups, carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fats and fruits. In addition, it offers a convenient entry for less desirable elements such as sugar, salt and oil. There are many opinions to the food pyramid guide , but essentially, all food pyramid guide highlight the right choice of dietary food intake.


In general, there is a strong relationship between food and culture. Therefore, Food pyramid of various countries or continent varies, for example, Asian food pyramid, Latin America diet pyramid and the Mediterranean diet pyramid. The triangular focus of a Food pyramid guide shows where you need to focus on choosing a healthy dietary plan. Of course, the base of the pyramid shows the group of food that is most consumed. As you move towards the peak of the pyramid, the lesser you consume the group of food along the pyramid peak in terms of their quantity and frequency.


In recent times, there are different types of food pyramid plan, many of which varies with different aspect of the plan, thus people can be confused about choosing the best food pyramid guide. However, there are a few basic rules and features of any standard food pyramid plan, you can follow if you are planning your dietary lifestyle. First, increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals. On the other hand, decrease the consumption of saturated fats, salt and sugar and lastly, balance the body osmoregulation with proper water hydration and regular exercise. Hence by following these steps, you have already taken a step closer to a healthier life. You will need to take a portion of all foods in the food pyramid, because no single food can provide a daily dose of nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle.

The following are the components of a valid food pyramid:





*Dairy products

*Meat, fish and beans



Traditionally, the higher up the food group in the pyramid the lower the share of that group should be in your daily dietary intake.

The recent version of the food pyramid alters the appearance of how each food group should be present in our daily dietary consumption. The surface of the pyramid is now composed of the colored keys, coming from the peak to the base. Each color represents a food group. The width of the corner at the base of the pyramid now shows how much of this food group should make your calorie daily intake.


The strongest innovation and more pleasant in this pyramid is not the reorganization of food groups. But is an addition of body exercise in your daily routine. Diet without exercise is only half the solution as well as exercise without proper nutrition, produce limited results. Water steps left side of the pyramid and the person indicated, not on foot. This can be done literally taking the stairs rather than the busy elevator. The basic recommended daily exercise equivalent to half an hour of a fast on foot exercise, and this is Not necessarily done at once.

If you want to have a simple and free food pyramid plan, you should return to the natural foods you have. Natural foods are the foundation of a healthy food pyramid. There are a number of food groups you can choose from, with different nutrients that can be acquired, to satisfy your daily dietary need and thus help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Menus are great ideas for meals. There are various menus you can choose from, for example, During breakfast you can have a healthy cereal bowl with a low-fat banana and low fat milk with whole-grain toast. Another menu would be oatmeal with wheat germ or cooked to serve milk with low fat, cut tomatoes and fresh grapes. You can also have a bowl of fresh fruit with plain fat yogurt. During lunch, you do not need a large menu. Try a sandwich with bread for a full meal with a filling that can be perfect for you tuna or chicken salad. And lastly for Dinner meal, keep speed to reduce fat in your body and go for a moderate protein food.


A good food pyramid plan continue to maintain a healthy body and fitness if needed. With healthy food pyramid you will be able to know and decide on what foods are good for you, and adaptive to your body system. You need to be very careful when planning your daily dietary intake and make sure it provides an accurate nutrients your body needs for a healthy growth and development. Enjoy what you have prepared and served while taking your meals and enjoy sharing your healthy food plans with your colleagues, neighbors to influence their experiences, as well as family and friends.


Stay healthy and well with your healthy food pyramid. You can eat your preference meal desire, but what is important is that, the food should be very safe and meet your daily dietary intakes, in terms of their nutrients composition and healthy safety standards. It would be a good idea that you can go all the way with your long-term healthy food pyramid plan, without having nutritional deficiencies or complications. Just abide by a healthy food pyramid plan, and you will live a long healthy life.

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