Hello and welcome to Yogas.xyz! We are a well connected group of individuals who bring to you the real Yoga from India. Not just the fashionable, trendy, fancy kind that gives you a few good exercises but the real Yoga and beyond! Yes there is much more, infact a huge lot more to yoga that meets the eye. How yoga is understood in west or even in India is limited in quite many ways.

Yoga has a bigger spiritual motive for yogis who have practiced it for thousands of years. Yogis who could live for hundreds of years! We even disclose to you exactly how. Just stay connected with us and we reveal to you the secrets of Yoga you could never imagine. Right from realistic, non-radical diet plans to veganism and vegetarianism, we will cover life and work balance, which we all strive to achieve so hard. We will also cover weight loss and advice on daily habits, tips and tricks that will sure help you channelize your energy better. You will also find herbal remedies, simple home remedies etc. But be aware that we recommend seeing a doctor in case you need medical help. The contents on this site are not a substitute for emergency or disease related medication etc.

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We answer various questions related to health and spirituality. Did you know that spending just half an hour practicing yoga can relieve you from stress, anxiety and lot of other physical and mental problems? What are the most powerful foods you can use to your benefit?

Did you know that our chakras are virtual worlds which help our body function? How to access them? Infact if to access them at all? What is there in those Chakras and what does it do? How do you lengthen your life term? Are gods and goddesses for real? What is their purpose. We try to answer such questions for you.

So stay connected with us, use facebook, twitter or just a bookmark. Wish you a healthy life and a spiritually rewarding afterlife!